May 10, 2009

Salary and allowances of a Malaysia minister

Posted by coolcoolbird at Sunday, May 10, 2009
Sometimes, I'm wondering that how the government spend the money from our income tax?

Now I’m clear a bit.

Do you know how much we pay for a Malaysia minister?

Let’s see

Basic salary: RM18000.
Entertainment allowance: RM10500.
Housing allowance: RM10800.

People's representative allowance: RM10650.
Parking fee allowance: RM5700 (Damn surprise, where they park their car, so expensive?)

Total RM55650 will credit to a minister personal bank account every month no matter him/her is working or not.

Wow, a lot? No yet, let’s see other benefits.

Foreign travel allowance RM50000 (this is pocket money only); it is claimable without any receipt and even the minister didn’t go for travel.
Free use of electricity.
Free use of water.
Free charge of using telephone.
Yearly renovation allowance is claimable maximum up to RM40000.
Provided a Mercedes S320 car, mobile phone, driver and free petrol.

All the donations expenses are claimable.
Open house for any festival is claimable maximum up to RM400000.

I queried that why we need to have such expensive worker worked for us.

Anyone disagree?


ahlost said...

Wahraoooo.. that much meh? O_o

It's good to be garmen servant, don't you think so?

JW_ArtDog said...

Ouch! How do I get a job like that? We have similar problems in the U.S. with our politicians. Once elected to the Senate, you get paid full salary for life...even if you were so bad or corrupt that you only serve for one term.

Integra said...

I got this in email a long time's NOT TRUE la...don't believe everything you get via forwarded email. And now it seem some people are posting these forwarded emails in newspapers.

Haneef Yusoff said...

join my business. you can make rm 4700 a day!

coolcoolbird said...

I believe, the reality is worse than that.

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