Sep 6, 2009

Link to coolcoolbird

Posted by coolcoolbird at Sunday, September 06, 2009
I have been thinking that how to create a link banner for my blog and fortunately I managed to create it yesterday morning.

As you can see below, this is my link banner.
Wanna to link with me? Just copy and paste following HTML code into your sidebar or at the footer.


Feel interesting? Wanna to have you own banner in your blog?

Actually this is not a big deal if you are the HTML's expert.
However, I still feel that some of the HTML's novices may have the difficulty to do it. In order to help others to get benefit from this site, let me show you how I did it with these two simple steps.

First step.
Log on to the website below, create your own animated GIF file. Once your GIF file has been created, please copy the URL. (This is not a compulsory step, as long as you must prepare your own image URL)
Second step.
Copy and paste following HTML code into your sidebar or at the footer.

Please don't forget to change the above "a href="http://***"" URL to your own blog URL and the "img src="http://picasion***"" URL to you own GIF file URL.

That's it, enjoy & let me know once you did it successfully, we can exchange our link here later!


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