Nov 7, 2009

I Sudah Potong!!!

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Sudah potong?" - "Cut already?" has become a famous phrase in Malaysia nowadays.

You have to "Potong", if you want to enjoy the P1 Wimax.

You have to "Potong", if you attempt to open an Islamic bank account.

In order to avoid the extra burden of my self,
Wishing to enjoy the healthier life style in coming future,
I'm decided to "Potong" too.



"Potong" my credit card!


yy said...


Kuen Hoong said...

we have not cut yet.. but have to cut other things first.

MoreGames,Software and Gadged Review said...

potong if in my country mean is cut

coolcoolbird said...

Hi yy, Thanks for your info.

Hi Kuen Hoong, just follow your own priority.

Hi MoreGames,Software and Gadged Review, same here

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