Apr 13, 2009

Interesting bath

Posted by coolcoolbird at Monday, April 13, 2009
Do you know what am I doing now?

Tadahhh!!! I feel like making a cake. Hahaha

How is the taste? Not sure, you have to ask my mom...
But I saw she is preparing a can of Carlsberg, she feel stress of me? OMG!

What? She is pouring the Carlsberg into the bathtub that containing clean water.

Could it be she wants to fuddle me so that I wouldn't cry??

Haha, actually that is not the purpose as what I'm thinking, I'm oversensitive! After listened what she talking to dad, I know that the purpose of taking bath with Carlsberg is to make my skin become like this...

Wow, beautiful skin! Carlsberg is also a skin-care product. This is my secret.

Again I saw another funny stuff in my bathtub.

A steelyard weight and a stone!

They say putting in these two weird stuffs into the bathtub is able to strengthen my courage so that I wouldn’t be scared easily if someone is talking loud to me. Haha, it is a hilarious idea!

This is what I'm thinking...

But I'm damn worry about these two weird stuffs when I was taking bath...

Be careful, mom...


Superman said...

The 'cake' is really disgusting. Carlsberg will make skin good? Never heard of it. Something new to me. I heard many use Guiness Stout if the baby born a bit yellow.

Nurul said...

is it true carlsberg can make skin good? huh.. never know about this and will ask all of my chinese friends..

let's buy herb from me.. it is more better..haha.

Lidia said...

hahaha.....very funny.Good content,little bit shock but still good....nice job.pls add and follow My vote Blog...I'll $$ending you a big $$mile.....have a great week....

coolcoolbird said...

Hi Superman

Yes,I heared it before, the Guiness Stout is good for yellow jaundice.

Hi Nurul,

Yes, it is good for baby skin only. but, do you get any other answer from your chinese friends?

Hi Lidia

Thanks for your comment & big $$mile. I like it!

Nurul said...

not yet.. haha.. some of them ask where did i know that.. with a weird face..

anyway, ur blog is more hillarious.. :) Enjoy reading it..

tony_lin said...

u're realy funny guy

peace..n i'll kick ur a$$

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