Apr 1, 2009

New journey!

Posted by coolcoolbird at Wednesday, April 01, 2009
I almost forgot those earlier memories where happen at the very beginning of my life. Every time when trying to recall them from my mind, I feel lost, every thing just like the moon peered from behind mist and I could just make out a vague imagination.

I don’t have much of childhood photo!

May be it is due to lack of technology in those olden days, but I think poor is the main key factor because a simple camera seems to be a luxury gadget to my family. Missing those memories just like missing a portion of an expensive jigsaw puzzle and never have chance to get it back.

Today I have an opportunity to help someone to start his jigsaw puzzle, which is the portion that I don’t have it in my memory. It is really excited when I started to capture those meaningful moments along his journey.

Try yourself to guess who are so lucky?

At the beginning of the journey, he just a small black dot and really provoked my excitement when the first time I look at him. The time is passing so fast, the small dot had suddenly changed to a bigger shape. This is how he looks like.

On the sixth months, I can see him sleep calmly in his comfortable lair

At the end, the time that I keep on waiting, worrying and scaring is coming. With those painful signals that keep on transmitting to his mom, seems like he is complaining the lair is already too narrow for him. He has an urge to come out soon.

The tool is ready!

It is really need a lot of guts to watch how he being taken out from a wet, sticky and disgusting lair.





Taddah! Am I ugly?

My heroes! Both of you are damn brave!

Welcome to the world my dear coolcoolbird junior, daddy and mommy will always love you and care for you. Let’s enjoy your journey and continue with the jigsaw puzzle that I already started some portions for you.


Johnny Ong said...

hey mate, congrats on yr newborn baby boy

ahlost said...

OMG OMG !! I've never seen something like this...

Thanks for sharing.. and Congrats for the newborn baby ;)

Sweetverni said...

Wow... what a precious gift you have... yah, indeed it's a journey for you, a new chapter in your life as a dad and as a husband... congratulations for seeing the beautiful gift of life, of memories...

coolcoolbird said...

Thanks Johnny Ong, ahlost & Sweetverni

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