Jun 2, 2009

Ah Long Malaysia

Posted by coolcoolbird at Tuesday, June 02, 2009
I feel shocked when seeing this picture in news paper! But I think to stay away from Ah Long is still hard for us, because…

Ah Long Malaysia is very keen on advertising their service. You can see them everywhere.

Even in TV3!!!


♥B.P۞HeaVen eYe۞ said...

hahha.. stay away ok.. no ah long2!


Lidia said...

barrack obama.....change " yes we can " I always remember that word when he campaign.I'm proud because when he was a boy he was left in my country....$end you $mile...

ahlost said...

Whats the first pic about ah? Are those two ahLong?

and ahahaha.. i've seen the ads everywhere especially near banks :D

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