Oct 3, 2009

LinkWithin your posts and blog archive

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sometime you may want to share those older entries in your current post when the topic is interrelated.


This is what I did before.

As you can see here, I don't think this is attractive enough, readers may easily missed out those "Killer articles" that you intended to show. Or sometime you may forgot to show those related entries in the latest post.

Feel troublesome?

Don't worry, this coolest widget will ease your headache now.

It is damn easy to use, all you have to do is:

1. Enter your email, blog URL, platform, width and click on "Get widget!"

2. If you are using Blogger platform, click on "Install widget" and continue with few simplest instructions provided by Blogger.
That's it!

This is how it looks like.


Caitlin Reynolds said...

Great!I'll try using it and thanks for the tip.

ahlost said...

Will try it one day when I've free time ;)

thank you for sharing wor ;)

coolcoolbird said...

Hi Caitlin Reynolds & ahlost

You should try it...

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