Oct 11, 2009

Moving toward the healthier life

Posted by coolcoolbird at Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have had enough to continue drinking this kind of water anymore!
It is time for me to make a change now, otherwise I may need to pay the high medical expenses in coming future, if i can't die immediately after swallowed it!

No joke, this is so called "Drinkable water" comes out from the water faucet, it is freaking dirty and sometime it emits the disgusting smell also.

In order not to continue destroying my kidney. I need to buy a water filter urgently.

After few months of research & analyze, I decided to buy the wafer filter from Elken, why? Simply because the water comes out from Elken's water filter contains nothing, just pure water or so called " H2O".

Somehow you may wonder why not to choose the water filter that can produce minerals water?
OK, there are few reasons here, first is our main source of minerals is food, not water. If we were to get our minerals from the water we drink, we'd have to gulp down a bathtub full of water every day. it's just not possible!

Furthermore, there is no such thing as a purification method that selectively allows only "Good" minerals such as calcium and magnesium to pass through. So when a system claims to leave you the "Good" minerals, it will also leave you with most of the other contaminants that pass through with the minerals, including nitrates and arsenic.

To ensure the healthier life, I had choose two type of water filters, one of them called POE-M Water Purification System as you can see below.

This filter is generally able to reduces sediment, chlorine, certain heavy metal and other elements which can be harmful to our health. Usually, it will located at first gate of our house water supply system.

The series of photos below had show the installation steps of the POE-M water filter.

First, pouring the coarse sand into the tank

Second, pouring the super "K" into the tank

Third, pouring the fine sand into the tank

Fourth, pouring the zeolite into the tank
Fifth, Installing the MPV valve.
and the piping.

Installation completed. The entire installation process took around 1 hour.
The second type of water filter that I bought from Elken, called Bio Pure KEN 1 R.O Water Purification System. This is the key filter from Elken that able to produce H2O.

The Bio Pure KEN 1 R.O Water Purification System contains with 5 filters, the first filter as show below called Pre-sediment filter. it uses to eliminates minute particles as small as 5 microns to prolong the filter and membrane life span.
The second filter as show in the photo below with the remark of "1" called Sediment Filter. It can filter the particulate contaminants down to 1 micron.

Third filter (with the remark of "2") called Organic Granular Activated Carbon Pre-Filter. It can remove the chlorine and virtually all organic chemical including pesticides and herbicides.

Fourth filter (with the remark of "3") called R.O Membrane. This is the only type of membrane in the market that removes any remaining contaminants including bacteria and viruses, harmful inorganic contaminants and heavy metal down to 0.0001 micron.

Fifth filter (with the remark of "4") called Organic Granular Activated Carbon Post-Filter. It deodorizes and "Polishes" the water to improve taste.

The view of its backside during installation.

Installation completed. Actually the installation of this filter is much easier than the POE-M Water filter, it took less than 30 minutes.

You may wonder why there is a towel laying under the water dispensing lever.

I think this is the weakness that I observed from the Bio Pure KEN 1 R.O Water filter, whenever you released the water dispensing level to stop the water continue flowing out from the faucet, there must has some remaining water will still hanging on the faucet.

Later it'll drop on the flat base under the water dispensing level and causing the ugly water stain stick and accumulate on the flat base.

My personal point of view, this is not the perfect design yet and it still can be improve. One of my weird idea is...

Why not...the faucet should be able to shake by itself automatically whenever the water is stop flowing, this kind of shaking will remove the remaining water hanging on the faucet, then this will definitely solve the water stain problem.
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Kuen Hoong said...

So, this is what I missed the other day. I can go to fill up my bottle next time.

We are still thinking, which filter to go for... Some said Amway's Filter is better then this.. still reading.

Samantha Janey said...

Mr.Cool~ Awesome post! xD
But... O.O a lot of filters~

Sibel said...

This was a well done, informative, funny and clear post. The illustration 2 thumbs up.
I am all set for 2012 lol :)

coolcoolbird said...

Hi Kuen Hoong,,obs..3goh. Bottle only? You can bring a tank too.

Hi Samantha, thanks for visiting.

Hi Sibel, thanks for your compliment

Mike Garcia said...


Hilyatina said...

why don't u just call elken to fix it..sure they can do sumthing bout it after what u have pay.

faizol azhar said...

i used also this water filter.But the main problem is the maintanence for once a year just too expensive.

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