Dec 19, 2009

FREE 200GB online storage!

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, December 19, 2009
If you are looking for free online storage with at least 200GB and able to store whatever file you like, this website is suitable for you.

If you are always keen to share your file (Any e-book or movie or software) in your blog and wish to make the file downloadable by all your blog readers , this website is suitable for you.

This is a downloadable sample of Microsoft Excel file.

Download "Free Useful Tips" Chinese version

The location of the file above.

After registered, you are able to embed this useful widget into your blog, it is allowed you and your blog readers to upload whatever virus file to you online storage.

Only the owner of the blog are able to share the file, because whenever there is new file being uploaded, the blogger will receive an email attached with a link, copy the link and paste it into the blog. That's it.Enjoy!


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