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Hibernation for animal

Hibernation is seasonal, usually occurring during the cold winter months. In all cases, it apparently as protection from cold when normal body temperature getting lower and food is scarce. Hibernating animals are able to store enough food in their bodies to carry them over until food is again obtainable. They do not grow during hibernation, and all body activities are reduced to a minimum: there may be as few as one or two heartbeats a minute.

It is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animals, characterized by lower body temperature, slower breathing, and lower metabolic rate.

During the deep cold winter period, many hibernating animals seek insulation from excessive cold. Bears and bats retire to caves, and frogs and fish bury themselves in pond bottoms below the frost line. Some animals, such as rabbits and squirrels, store food against scarcity and spend cold periods asleep in their burrows.

Hibernation may last several days or weeks depending on species, ambient temperature, and time of year.

However, I have the new definition of hibernation which is applicable to my company

The global financial meltdown was started exploding in middle of 2008. Within the company, my department is one of the most strongly affected by this financial crisis wave. Plummeting sales and consumer restraint are the key that drive our top management decided to implement numerous of awful and annoying measures in this turbulent times

One of the annoying actions as I called it hibernation.

In order to conserve every single cent of RM, below is the several hibernating activities are being carry out

- 50% of machines were in hibernating mode.
- 30% of lights were in hibernating mode.
- Water dispensers in pantry were in hibernating mode.
- 50% of printers were in hibernating mode.
- All the entertainment budgets were in hibernating mode.
- All the employee allowances were in hibernating mode.
- All the employees within the department were also in the hibernating mode

Situation doesn't look well.

Just to share with you, I actually discovered some funny characteristics during my damn fine hibernation period, there are physical activity reduced (my wife was in pregnant now, that why I can consume less energy at night), lesser social activity to avoid additional expenses (Also can save some “Ang Bao” during CNY), prolong sleeping time (More than 13 hours per day), using email instead of SMS CNY regards to friend and the most important thing is I was interested to learn Yoga

Obs! definitely not like this...

Ya. this is what I like to do... less energy consumption & easy to calm down my mind

My company's hibernation may last several weeks or months or years depending on effectiveness of Obama’s stimulus package, outstanding leadership from our coming new prime minister, consumer confident level, new CEO and so on.

Since the recovery is not yet in sight, my next hibernation is confirmed at middle of March 2009.


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