Feb 14, 2009

My special lover

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, February 14, 2009
I just can’t keep silent anymore and I’m yearning to express my feeling to you. Because you have really enriched my life.

Do you still remember the day we met at Jusco shopping center? You had attracted my attention when 1st time I saw you. I really surprised that you are so friendly and no doubt at all, I must get you. Finally you left your family and stay with me after I paid RM5000. I know my friends are envy at me when you are belong to me at that moment. It is also undeniable that I like your body shape very much, because you are so thin and light when you lying on my arm.

Sincerely, I have no idea what is ICQ all about …until I meet you. You are so knowledgeable and I’d learned a lot new stuffs from you. Some time I was in very anxious to find some answers and is you introduce me of what is Google about. You always helping me to do all the calculation because I know you are much faster than me. Most of the time, I like to lie beside you and listening your singing later on you’ll help me to switch off the light when I fell asleep

Oh my lover. You never complaint about my weird habit, I like to use my finger to dig my nose during chatting with you and always forgot to wash it, worst thing is, my finger always accidentally touch your body, although you never shout at me but I know you are damn angry. Please calm down, I’ll change my habits soon.

I’m horny because of you…

I’m sad when you are affected by virus but I’ll crazy when you lost every thing after fully recover from an illness.

Last but not least

I want to thank you for joining my life journey and I wouldn’t feel lonely anymore when you are always be my side

After we enjoying all the hard works in days and nights, and now it is the time for us to start every single minute countdown for the arrival of our 1st baby, my junior coolcoolbird.
I promise I’ll take good care of you and him without any excuse. Because you all are so important in my life, my heart.

I love you forever….happy valentine’s day to us


your special lover said...

My dearest,

It's really a touching and memorable story...We should really thank to ICQ to give us the chance to know each other there {^-^}

For these 7 years++, although we can't being together all the time but I'm still glad that I have you. I'll appreciate and cherish for every moment I can be with you. Thanks you for always try to give me the best... thanks you for everything.

Wishing us...


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