Feb 15, 2009

Last time valentine's dinner

Posted by coolcoolbird at Sunday, February 15, 2009
Tonight is my 7th celebration of Valentine’s Day with my beloved. We decided to have some Korean food for our dinner. There have three reasons to make such decision, first because we both like Korean food, second the Korean foods are healthy especially my wife is pregnant now and last is we have the discount voucher, hehehe

We reached the restaurant around 8pm which is approximately 15 minutes from Senawang’s toll station.
The name of the restaurant called SIL RO AM, this is the 3rd times we have our dinner here which means their foods are tasty and prices are acceptable. At least that is the reason for us to come again.

Hey, let cut a long story short, before the main course, we served with a bottle of tea which is free and 11 plates of side dishes which is also free, but I think all are already included in the bill, not really free, good thing is the tea and some of the side dishes are refillable based on availability.

Sweet lotus root

Bean curd pancake

Vegetable mixed with sesame

White radish slices

Egg pancake

Home made kim Chi

Vegetable mixed with sesame

Fish with spicy sauce
Black beans mixed with peanuts

Sweet vegetable with sesame

Cucumber pickles ala kim Chi flavor

Main dish ordered by my wife - Dol Sok Bi Bim Bap (Boiled stone pot rice with mixtures)
Actually this bowl of rice is enough to serve for 2 persons, unless you can eat like a horse. (Don’t laugh at me). It is a fantastic mixture of the egg, vegetables, glass noodles and rice, together with the scrumptious of spicy sauce. We just can’t wait anymore, we gobble all the rice in less than 5 minutes. This dish is very delicious.

Second dish ordered by me – Chap Chae (A mixed dish of vegetables and mushroom and sliced beef or pork with glass noodle). A bit messy & oily, but the taste is above average

An extra dish ordered by me – Kim Chi Ji Gae (Formation Kim Chi with pork and bean curd)
This is a hot and sour soup. I guarantee that you will be sweating like hell after you finish it. For those who love spicy like me, it is still a pleasant to taste.

At the end of our dinner, they gave us two small glasses of vegetable juice for free which is good for digestion as told by the waitress.

Good food come with price, all cost me RM60 but we paid only RM54 after 10% discount.

Do you want to know where the 10% discount voucher came from?

We get the voucher from a free magazine called City Explorer.

After 7 years of celebrating our valentine’s day, this is an unforgettable valentine’s dinner for both of us as this is the last time we can enjoy our valentine’s dinner only two of us.

From next year onward, there’ll be a new family member to join our valentine’s dinner, that is my lovely junior coolcoolbird.


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