Feb 22, 2009

I have a dream

Posted by coolcoolbird at Sunday, February 22, 2009
Just a weird thought from me, I’m quite worry to dead when I was 18 years old, the reason was I STILL VIRGIN, I’m really not reconciled to die just like that. Some absurd thinking was keep on appearing in my mind. Most of the time I was thinking to get those experiences in joyhouse before it is too late or I’ll rape someone if I’m in the hopeless situation which is going to die. Luckily all the ridiculous thoughts were not be implemented because I already met my wife.

Today, I have the same feeling again…

I’m worry to dead because I STILL YET TRAVEL THE WHOLE WORLD! We all have only one life or an opportunity to live in this earth, life is a one way ticket. If you missed it, never get return. I don’t want to die if I missed the spectacular scenery of Tibet, I don’t want to die if I never enjoy the spa in Hokkaido, Oh shit, sound like I’m having depression.

Therefore, I was starting my plan, although it is still a very slow move to get my dream comes true, but better than nothing, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Thailand. It is a good experience for me. I get to know what Phang Nga bay looks like, how glorious the Thailand temples are and how enjoyable Thai massage is about. Also those cheap and wonderful seafood.


India, I get to know how spectacular the Taj Mahal is and how messy in the street of new Delhi.

Also having fun when taking one of the transport in India which is pulling by camel.

Germany. The most interesting when I was in Germany is, I have the opportunity to touch and feel the cold snow, actually this is also one of a dream in my heart, as I told my self before, I must have at least a chance in my life to feel the snow, that's why I was so crazy when I saw the snow falling down.

Crappy face

Also, I had tried the Germany roasted pig knuckle which is the most famous food in Germany

Korea. My memorable honeymoon trip. The most wonderful impression for me in Korea is their food, you can enjoy a lot of side dishes in every meal. Some crazy thing is, all the main dishes are refillable, what a good deal.

And you also can try some fresh seafood if you dare.

Something unbelievable!

coolcoolbird is quite famous in Korea. It comes from different size but all of them are hard enough. hahaha

Keep breathing and take good care of my health, the journey just begin.


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