Feb 6, 2009

What? coolcoolbird?

Posted by coolcoolbird at Friday, February 06, 2009
Congratulation, you are now watching the 1st posting in in my life after 11530 days of living & I never think that before I will enter into the blogger life but now the journey is begin

May be you'll ask, the name of
coolcoolbird.blogspot.com came from?

I think it is come from the name of bird that I always call it...

"coolcool bird" (This is what my grandmother told me last time & may be the voices of this birds is like " coo,coo,co..." , can anyone tell me what is the correct name of this bird?)

I observed it for quite some time because when it wants to take a nap, it likes to stand on the small cement stone block nearby my house's gate and I quite worry about this if some day it may become a nice food for my neighbour's cat.

later on I just realized that the coolcoolbird's pronunciation is something sound like my little brother hanging down there. oh my god

Whatever reason it is, the main purpose of creating this blog is to share my thought on any topic happen in my life & wishing all of you out there can voice out your comments too. lets start & having fun in coolcoolbird.blogspot.com


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