Aug 1, 2009

Are you sick of your job now?

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, August 01, 2009

Based on the research data, it shows that 90% of the people in the world are feel sick of their job. Maybe this is one of the root cause for the increasing trend of depression rate. I don't know whether it is true or not, but I'm sure that I'm the part of 90%.

Lets make a survey here.

Dream and reality always have a big gap, but time is the key, it will either helping you to narrow the gap or extend the gap, highly depends on what you are doing now!

Most of the time, we are admiring those "luckiest" people who are able to live in their wonderful world, doing what they love to and enjoying every moment in their life.

Like this...

Feel like to quit from your current job?

But wait a minute, if you don't like your job, just be glad that you are not the plumber who works in Hungary.

Or the zoo keeper in America.

So, just be thankful for your job !


Kim Teoh said...

well I love my job as a house manager(my daughter gave me the title)dislike the word housewife (no class). I play shares for extra income, go shopping most of the time. My CEO is my husband better than my old boss. When working in the office. boss order you around, office politics,jealous colleagues especially when you get promoted and hate the rush hours and also raining days especially on Mondays feel like jumping back to bed and dreaming & listening to Mariah Carey songs. My advise to those who aspire to become house manager, make sure you can manage your CEO, otherwise don't get married. My only problem is house manager don't have EPF contribution. That's why I pray Dow Jones & Bursa don't crash too often otherwise I crash too. Hey any good soul out there wish to contribute to my EPF account? Those who are unhappy with their jobs, please think positively and read more spiritual books.
Look at the suffering in the world and if you are still healthy and have a roof under your head count your blessings. As for me. I look forward to every Saturday noon to eat my Penang asam laksa cos my CEO is not around. So happy to taste it even though is a cheap meal. So be happy everybody!

coolcoolbird said...

thanks, Kim Teoh

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