Aug 15, 2009

Why we need a medical card?

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, August 15, 2009

It is so surprised that still have some barbarians out there think that the insurance or medical card is a negligible item in their daily life, they rather spend the money to buy a new fancy car instead buying a protection.

My wife has feels something abnormal in her abdomen recently, the pain disseminated from her abdomen that makes her feels like having a butcher knife that stabbing on her stomach continuously. She can't sleep well in night and even though she has tried to take some medicine that given by the doctor from local clinic but the annoying pain still can't be eliminated. At last, she decided to go for full visceral scanning.

She chose to go to Columbia Hospital for the full visceral scanning.

Those activities covered under the full visceral scanning are :

Ultrasound abdomen
Full blood count test
Liver function test
Urine test
Stomach scanning
Intestines scanning

Actually this is the first time for her to have such medical check up and luckily the entire process is very smooth.

Once all the activities were completed, then it is the time for me to worry how much it cost. Initially, I thought it should be less than RM1500 but when I look at the bill, Damn!!!

Payment required...RM3445.30. My one and half months salary!!!

As the medical expenses keep on going up like rocket, it is really expensive when you get sick nowadays, no matter how much you save, once you fall ill, all your saving will vanish into nothing within a very short period.

So, do I need to pay RM3445.30 at last?
Luckily the answer is no, since she has bought a medical card, so the entire charges will be pay by her insurance company later.

The only charges incurred and I need to pay is


How grateful to have a medical card...


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