Aug 29, 2009

Better to know more about RON95

Posted by coolcoolbird at Saturday, August 29, 2009
As announced by The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, RON92 petrol to be replaced by RON95 and it'll start on 1 September 2009. But I noticed that some of the petrol stations already started selling the RON95.

So, in order to prepare for this change, there is two key points that I need to concern of.

First, which RON is suitable for my car?
Second, The new petrol price will cost me more or less?

To clear my doubts, I'd start searching on the webs and there is a lot of info discussing about RON, some are really useful, such as:



After reviewed all the info as provided and checked the guide book of my car, this is my conclusion.

The RON95 is suitable for my "Proton Wira".

Then, come to the price. The latest petrol price after celebrated the 52nd Malaysia Merdeka day will be like this:

RON95 = RM1.75
RON97 = RM2.00

Since I need to travel a lot and have been paying RM1.80 per liter so far and it costs me around RM600 every month. Petrol expenditure always occupied the major portion in my overall expenses, that why I'm really concern about this change because it will either increase or ease my burden later.

By looking at the conclusion, I'm a bit happy and lead me impatiently want to know how much can I save in next month.

From RM1.80 to RM1.75 means 3% reduced in the price, hence, my next month expense in petrol will be at around RM582.

Save RM18 only? Damn! Not much.


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