Aug 31, 2009

Our cultural!

Posted by coolcoolbird at Monday, August 31, 2009






Happy Merdeka Malaysia!


web design said...

hi... nice pic

Angie's Recipes said...

Ironic, huh? When nothing happens, then let's work as a team, when s. h. i. t. happened, everybody kick the ball away.

Thanks for the friend request in BC.

Angie's Recipes

Tricia said...

I think this represent everyones culture. THis had happened to my Fiance so many times. I am always hearing these stories. Very funny. I am going to show him this comic. :)

coolcoolbird said...

HI web design, thanks for visiting

Hi Angie's Recipes & Tricia, I think this is so called "Human characteristic", It may happen in any country. Thanks for visiting

AVCr8teur said...

Someone's got to be a scapegoat during bad times and during good times many want the credit.

coolcoolbird said...

Most of the time, those grass root people are always have the high chance to be the scapegoat

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